from life's milestones to unexpected needs, North Georgia Credit Union is here for you. we offer competitive rates and a variety of loan options to help you achieve your financial goals, whether it's buying a car, renovating your home, or consolidating debt.

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auto loans

Cruise into Savings with NGCU New and Used Auto Financing

Whether you’re cruising down the highway or exploring new roads less traveled, North Georgia Credit Union is here to help you get behind the wheel of your dream car with our competitive auto loan options.

  • Fuel Your Passion:
    Finance a new or used car, truck, or SUV to fit your lifestyle and budget.
  • Streamlined Process, Get Going Faster:
    Our quick and easy application process gets you approved and on the road faster.
  • Expert Guidance:
    Our experienced loan officers will walk you through the entire financing process, answering your questions and ensuring you get the best possible deal.
  • Competitive Rates, Smooth Sailing:
    Enjoy low rates to make your dream car a reality and keep your monthly payments manageable.

recreational vehicle loans

Fuel Your Fun with NGCU Recreational Financing.

Turn your passion for adventure into reality with financing from North Georgia Credit Union. We offer competitive rates and personalized service to help you hit the road, water, or wherever your leisure pursuits take you.

  • Unleash Your Inner Explorer:
    Finance a variety of recreational vehicles including boats, motorcycles, campers, and motorhomes.
  • Competitive Rates, Smooth Sailing:
    Enjoy low rates to make your dream purchase affordable.
  • Streamlined Process, Get Going Faster:
    Our efficient application process gets you on the road to fun quicker.
  • Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way:
    Our experienced loan officers will walk you through the financing process and answer any questions you have.
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construction loans

Build Your Dream Home with Ease!

Turn your vision into reality with a streamlined construction loan from North Georgia Credit Union. We offer a hassle-free financing solution to help you build your dream home.

  • One-Stop Convenience:
    Enjoy the simplicity of a single-close first mortgage option, eliminating the need for multiple closings.
  • Financing Power:
    Qualify for loans up to $750,000 to cover the costs of building your dream home.
  • Streamlined Payments:
    Make interest-only payments during the construction phase, allowing you to manage your finances more effectively.
  • Expert Guidance:
    Benefit from our in-house construction loan process, with experienced loan officers managing everything from start to finish.
  • Transparent Costs:
    Eliminate hidden fees with our clear and upfront pricing structure, including no charges for progress inspections.

equipment loans

Equip Your Dreams: Financing for Essential Equipment

Turn your goals into reality with powerful equipment financing from North Georgia Credit Union. When it’s time to replace your tractor, lawnmower, etc. come to North Georgia Credit Union for the financing you need.

  • Finance New or Used:
    Get the equipment you need, new or used, with financing options tailored to your specific purchase.
  • Competitive Rates, Maximize Your Budget:
    Enjoy low rates to stretch your equipment budget further and keep your monthly payments manageable.
  • Clear Term Options:
    We offer clear and competitive loan terms to fit your needs.
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home equity

Home Equity Line of Credit

Unlock Your Home’s Potential with a HELOC

Turn your home equity into a line of credit for the things that matter most with a North Georgia Credit Union Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).

  • Access Cash for Your Needs
    Consolidate debt, finance home improvements, or fund educational expenses with a
    HELOC (excluding business purposes and first mortgages).
  • Competitive Rates
    Enjoy variable rates that are adjusted twice a year and comply with Georgia Fair Lending Act regulations.
  • Flexible Payment Options
    Benefit from a 5-year draw period to access funds and a 15-year repayment term for manageable payments.
  • Borrow What You Need
    Access a line of credit with a minimum advance of $1,000 and a maximum loan amount of $100,000.

Mortgage Loans

Your Dream Home Awaits: Financing Made Easy with NGCU

NGCU understands that buying a home is a significant milestone. We’re here to make the journey smooth and stress-free with a variety of competitive mortgage options to fit your needs
  • First-Time Homebuyer or Upsizing?
  • Whether you’re purchasing your first dream home or seeking a bigger and better space, NGCU has the mortgage solution for you.

  • Flexible Options
  • Choose from a variety of mortgage products, including first and second mortgages for conventional homes and mobile homes with land.

  • Competitive Rates, Save Big
  • We offer some of the best rates, allowing you to save money on your home loan.

  • Transparent Pricing
  • Enjoy clear and upfront costs with no origination fees on in-house products and no prepayment penalties, giving you peace of mind.

    Ready to Build Your Future? Let NGCU turn your dream of homeownership into reality!

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Shared Secure Loans

Build and Secure Your Future with Share-Secured Loans

Looking to build or rebuild your credit? A Share-Secured Loan from North Georgia Credit Union is the perfect solution! This unique loan option allows you to leverage your funds in a North Georgia Credit Union savings account or savings certificate as collateral to
secure a loan and build a strong credit history.

  • Boost Your Credit Score
    On-time payments on your Share-Secured Loan can significantly improve your credit score, opening doors to better
    loan options in the future.
  • Rebuild with Confidence
    Rebuilding credit can be a challenge. A Share-Secured Loan allows you to take control by demonstrating your
  • Competitive Rates & Earn Dividends
    Enjoy competitive loan rates while still earning dividends on the savings used as collateral for your loan.
  • Borrow What You Need
    Get access to cash while keeping your savings secure.

Ready to Take Charge of Your Credit Future?

Personal Loans

Personal Loans: Convenient Cash for Your Needs

Life throws unexpected expenses your way. A Personal Loan from North Georgia Credit Union is here to help. We offer quick and easy access to cash for a variety of needs, with competitive rates, fast processing, and convenient repayment terms.
  • Consolidate Debt
    Manage your finances more effectively by consolidating high-interest debt into a single, lower-rate loan.
  • Cover Unexpected Expenses
    Unexpected car repairs or medical bills won’t derail your budget with a Personal Loan.
  • Fund Planned Purchases
    Get the financing you need for that dream vacation or home improvement project.
  • Competitive Rates &amp Flexible Terms
    Enjoy competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options to fit your budget.
personal loans
home equity

Payment Protection


North Georgia Credit Union offers Credit Life and Disability Insurance through Cherokee National Life Insurance Company.

If you cannot pay off your loans, who will?

Your answers to these questions are important. The financial security you’ve worked so hard to acquire is constantly threatened by the risk of disability or death. In spite of our best efforts to prevent them, accidents and illnesses do occur. When a serious accident or sickness strikes, financial hardship often results. And that’s why credit insurance is so important. Today, credit insurance is part of any well-rounded insurance program. In these turbulent financial times, it has become more important than ever to protect the financial well-being you and your loved ones now enjoy. And credit disability and life insurance protection is designed to help relieve your family from the responsibility of caring for your financial obligations in the event of a disability or death. Take a moment now to consider Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance. This coverage can give you peace of mind knowing you’ve helped protect your family from having to assume your loan payments should something happen to you.

“Peace of mind” protection

Credit Disability insurance provides funds to help make your regular loan installments in the event a covered illness or injury keeps you from working. Credit Life insurance provides benefits to help pay off your loan should you die before completing your payments. Single or joint insurance is available to help protect your family against the financial burden of paying off your loan after your death. Credit insurance benefits are payable up to the maximum benefit amount which will be shown on the policy or Certificate of Insurance you will receive when your coverage becomes effective.


Most borrowers are eligible to apply for this coverage Attractive premium rates This valuable protection is available to you at attractive rates through your financial institution.
The exact cost for Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance tailored to your needs will be quoted when you apply for coverage.

Convenient premium payment

You pay no money when you apply for coverage. For your convenience, premiums will be automatically added to your loan payments. You have no premium due dates to remember…or forget.Important coverage for you…and your loved ones. While you may have some life or disability insurance, there’s a good chance that the effects of inflation may have made your existing coverage inadequate. U.S. Consumer Price Index statistics show that in the last 10 years, the purchasing power of your dollar has declined by nearly 50%. And inflation has had the same effect on each dollar of insurance you have. What’s more, your changing needs and increased financial obligations have a tremendous effect on the need for additional coverage to protect the financial security you’ve planned for yourself and your family. Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance provide the kind of coverage needed to help protect your family from having to meet one of your important obligation – your loan – should you become disabled or die before completing payments. Confinement not required You do not have to be confined to bed or a hospital to receive disability benefits. Benefits paid regardless of other insurance
Credit Disability Insurance benefits are payable regardless of any other insurance, workmen’s compensation or sick leave you may have.

It’s easy to apply

Ask about and apply for Credit Disability and Credit Life Insurance at your financial institution. You’ll receive information on the benefits, conditions of coverage and rates for these remarkablyaffordable plans of protection. You can apply for credit insurance when you sign up for your loan.

Read your policy carefully

When your coverage becomes effective, you’ll receive a policy (or Certificate of Insurance) which sets forth in detail all the rights and obligations of you and the Insurance Company. When you receive your policy (or certificate), please read it carefully.

Credit Insurance

…important coverage to help protect the financial well-being you’ve planned for yourself and your family should you die or become disabled and unable to work.